Car Purchase Consulting

The Market is a fickle and difficult place, rife with disingenous cars on offer. We offer our years of experience, contacts & expertise to help navigate and find your dream car, which cars to buy for investment or verify a car you want to buy. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Long Term Parking

Secure Parking at our Bunker available for monthly or yearly contracts.

Monthly: 120€ Plus VAT
Yearly: 99€ Plus VAT

Extras such as valeting services, battery maintainers, covers etc available

Mechanical Repairs & Paintshop

As there is no one workshop that can do evewrything. We offer our extensive network of Specialist Workshops to help repair, improve or restore your car as if it were our own.

Car Photography & Videography

Sometimes we look back and reminisce at our car collections, wouldnt it be nice to have some great photos to look back at. Photography is an art, photography of cars is a very specific corner of that art, our photographers each have their own style & creative ideas depending on what you are looking for.

Our videographer is truly talented and has created some spectacular videos for us over the years:

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